The rise of cloud: Why you need a new approach to data resiliency

Featuring research from Forrester

We are aware that IT leaders are struggling to adapt the ever-changing requirements for protecting and managing data across their infrastructure.

Data is becoming increasingly distributed across on-premises and multi-cloud environments and according to Forrester, “this scattering of data requires infrastructure and operations leaders to take a fresh approach to data resiliency.”

Businesses need to adopt a data-resiliency mindset that addresses today’s IT challenges, including not only the growth of data but also the increased risks to their data both from internal and external threats.

Read this report and find out what innovative data-resiliency approaches Forrester recommends for businesses like yours, including “delivering data protection in a software-as-a-service (SaaS), and what Forrester says about the critical requirements for data resiliency solutions.
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