GameStop, a global Fortune 500 company (NYSE: GME), needed an efficient cloud backup and recovery solution to meet business continuity requirements across its 7,200 retail stores in 14 different countries. The company had a myriad of virtualized environments with over 250TB of data but its on-premises backup infrastructure and procedures were so complex and inefficient, that GameStop was unable to meet business continuity SLAs.
GameStop turned to Druva, and secured its data in enterprise server workloads and virtual environments through Druva Phoenix. Listen to this webinar with a special guest speaker Jon Gery, International IT Manager at GameStop, to hear how the company was able to:
  • Unify global data protection requirements within a single system
  • Increase the backup footprint of virtual machines by 20%
  • Easily achieve their business continuity SLAs 
  • Reduce backup and recovery operating expenses by 70% 

Featured Speakers

Seyi Verma Jon Gery
Director, Product Marketing, Druva International IT Manager, GameStop
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