On a median annual basis, ransomware attacks cost enterprise organizations about $480K with a 10 percent likelihood of more than $2.5 million.* The end result? Lost productivity, loss or exposure of sensitive data, loss of current revenue, and even the risk of future profitability.

But there is good news: by deploying a cloud-based backup and DRaaS, your organization can recover much more quickly from a ransomware attack—significantly reducing the impact of ransomware and protecting companies’ bottom lines.

Watch this interactive webinar where we discuss:
  • How your company can reduce the likelihood of successful attacks
  • How to provide global protection and visibility for all your data - enterprise endpoints, servers, cloud-native and virtual workloads
  • How to isolate and quickly restore data during infrastructure attacks
  • How a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery system enables faster recovery and reduces the impact of ransomware

Featured Speakers

W. Curtis Preston Tom Conklin
Chief Technologist, Druva CISO, Druva

*Aberdeen Group, “Quantifying How Cloud Backup/ Restore Reduces the Risk of Ransomware,” 2019

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