Intelligent data protection for your unstructured data
According to Gartner, by 2024, large organizations will triple their unstructured data stored.* Since a large amount of unstructured file data lives on network attached storage (NAS), protecting this data for compliance and DR purposes can be a complex and expensive problem.

Recently, Druva introduced integrated cloud backup and archive for NAS data. It allows customers to harness the economics and scale of the cloud to automate data management and protection by helping to accelerate cloud projects, reduce complexity & cost, and improve cyber resilience.

Watch this webinar to hear how this new integrated approach offers:
  • Simplicity and resilience — Eliminate or reduce on-premises storage and let the cloud help you scale
  • Intelligence — Don’t treat all NAS data the same. Utilize Druva SmartScan, direct to cold storage backup, and storage insights & recommendations to optimize data management
  • Dramatic storage savings — Eliminate multiple copies, leverage global deduplication, and tap into lower costs with long-term retention (LTR) storage tiers

* Gartner, July 2020, Strategic Roadmap for Storage, ID G00722078
Peter Elliman
Director of Product Marketing
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