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Enterprise-ready data protection for AWS workloads
Cloud resilience you have been looking for 
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Protect your Amazon Web Services (AWS) data at scale with Druva CloudRanger.  Druva delivers data protection and management for the cloud era. 

Built on AWS, Druva’s cloud-native SaaS solution delivers globally accessible, infinitely scalable, and autonomous enterprise data resiliency.

Top CloudRanger features that will activate a robust cloud strategy for your organization;

  • Create Enterprise-ready - Backup and disaster recovery policies for AWS workloads
  • One-click disaster recovery - For Amazon EC2 and RDS workloads
  • Automated DR plans - Validate RTO & RPO with regular cross-region/account testing
  • Single pane of glass - Easily manage hundreds of AWS accounts from one dashboard
  • Real-time alerts and customized reporting - For auditing purposes
  • Zero infrastructure requirements - Get started in minutes

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