Gartner Research

Seven Myths That Could Compromise Your
Ransomware Response

Ransomware will impact your organization, are you ready?

Ransomware quadrupled in the last year and was estimated to hit $1B, according to the FBI. 30% of organizations had at least one endpoint crippled by ransomware. 

By ignoring the truths around ransomware, IT and security teams are missing crucial details in their operations. Perceptions around ransomware lead to unsuccessful preparation.

This Gartner Research should help you understand:

  • Common misperceptions around ransomware, how it works and how to defeat it
  • How modern endpoint data protection can be fully leveraged for defensive capability
  • Considerations for a balanced approach to security for business continuity

Gartner, 7 Myths That Could Compromise Your Ransomware Response, Eric Ouellet, 8 November 2016